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Keep an eye on this page! From time to time, we will post calls for executive team members and/or other opportunities to get involved.

February 14, 2013 

Guest Contributors:

Have you written a piece that you think is worth sharing? If your piece falls into alignment with Jhruoft’s anti-oppressive and social justice framework, consider sending it in to us for publication consideration. Your piece(s) can be long or short. It can be in the form of prose, poetry, photography, film or image based art.

When you send us your submission, please send us a PDF and a Word Processor version.

Some of the topics that we speak to include:

 – Rape culture/Gender Based violence 

– Indigenous Solidarity/Land Claims 

–  Prison Industrial Complex/Restorative and Transformative Justice  

 – Social Justice Pedagogy 

 – Environmental Justice/ Environmental Racism/Racialization of Space/Spacialization of Race/’Natural’ Disasters 

 – Immigration/Citizenship/Border Conflict 

 – Disability Justice/Accessibility/ the ’overcoming’ narrative /Visible and Invisible Disability 

 – Development Ethics

 – Homelessness

– Legal Rights/Legal consciousness 

 – Colonialism/Imperialism (culture and economic)

 – Multi-national Corporations/Mining 

 – Intersectionality/Identity politics surrounding issues of Racism, Sexism, Homophobia and Biphobia, Body Sizeism, Ableism, Classism, Cis-genderism, Religious Intolerance

 – University politics/Student Organizing/

 – Class/Capitalism/neoliberal lifestyle

 – Mental health access/stigma  

 – Health care/Medicalization

 – Food accessibility/availability/information 


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