Roshaan Wasim


CIMG2811Roshaan Wasim is pursuing a major in Anthropology with a double minor in English and Writing and Rhetoric at the University of Toronto.

After simply witnessing injustices around her for so long, Roshaan was frustrated with a constant feeling of helplessness and the inability to express her voice. She came across Journalists for Human Rights while searching for an outlet and was immediately drawn to their commitment to social justice. Through writing, Roshaan found a way to analyze her thoughts, think rationally about the issues affecting the world today, and propose solutions.

Although simply writing about human rights violations seemed fruitless to Roshaan at one point -after all, how much power does writing really have to practically instill change?- she gained hope with the recognition that words are genuinely powerful. Ideas and thoughts on paper have the ability to spread around the globe, inspire action, and promote positive transformations. And for Roshaan, that is the truly beautiful part of writing for Journalists for Human Rights.

List of Works 

London 2012: Year of the Woman – Trailblazing or Tokenism? 


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