Amy Asteria

Screen shot 2013-01-16 at 9.03.10 PMAmy is a third year student at the University of Toronto. She is currently studying History, English, and Women and Gender Studies, all of which have contributed greatly to shaping her opinions and beliefs. Human rights issues have always been a substantial interest of hers, and before joining the JHR team Amy had engaged in a wide range of human rights related work throughout Ontario. Looking for a new way to get involved both in social activism and in her school community, Amy joined the rest of JHR’s writers in their mission to expose, question, and critique human rights issues. Writing is one of her greatest hobbies, with award-winning pieces of hers being featured in several peer-reviewed journals and magazines such as The Writer. She hopes to one day professionalize this hobby and is in part pursuing a career in creative writing. Amy is also an avid singer and musician with a history of performance and other notable pastimes and interests that include history, food, horror movies, experiencing new cultures, doing yoga, reading, and traveling. She can be found frequenting museums, libraries, public parks, theatres, and almost any local film, music, art, or culture festival. Amy hopes, above all, to motivate conversation among her readers and cause people to question, think about, and critique the society in which they live. She continues to be excited about being able to combine her love of writing and her passion for human rights through her pieces on this magazine.

List of Works 

The Invisible Fiancé


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