Ann Brody


Screen shot 2012-12-30 at 1.55.04 PMAnn Brody is a third year UofT student studying anthropology and sociology. Developing a strong love for world issues and social sciences from an early age, she has decided to dedicated her university career to studying social phenomena in the hopes of implementing her knowledge in applied work one day, to aid in community development and social issues regarding equity and equality. Ann’s interests especially revolve around topics that merge the disciplines of psychology and cultural studies, granting her a better insight into what it truly means to be human and how such knowledge can be integrated for building stronger relationships amongst cultures through the cultivation of empathy. For this reason, Ann is also a proud member of the Buddhist Psychology and mental Health program. Ann’s favorite topics to write about revolve around mental health, medical ethics, and social media.

List of Works 


The American Dream: Is It Worth Our Mental Health?


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