Leila Panjvani


Screen shot 2012-12-30 at 11.41.56 PMLeila Panjvani is a recent graduate from the Environmental Policy and Practice, Equity Studies, and Cinema Studies programs at the University of Toronto. Leila Panjvani is now going back to her roots to figure out her future with some help from her sketch book. Interested mainly in issues addressing gender equity, disability representation, and environmental protection, she is very excited for the opportunity JHR presents. Not only will she be finding visual inspiration from extremely passionate writers, she will also be constantly learning and re-working her ideas of human rights alongside like-minded adventurers of the academic world.

List of Works 

This image was featured in: London 2012: Year of the Woman – Trailblazing or Tokenism? 

These images were featured in: The Invisible Fiancé

These images were featured in: (Ab)Normalcy and Mental Health in Film 


This image was featured in: The American Dream: Is it Worth our Mental Health?  

This image was featured in: In Defence of Girls 

This image was featured in: Faith on the Fence 

This image was featured in:  The Politics of “Playing” Dress Up  

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 8.06.00 AM



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