Roxanne May

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Roxanne May is that bubbly third-year student who always has her hand up in your anthropology and women/gender studies classes. A fervent intersectional feminist, she endeavours to integrate academic knowledge and lived experience into all her activism work in an accessible, engaging way. This work includes a volunteer position as a peer crisis counsellor on the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre hotline, joining fellow activists in street protests, and, perhaps most importantly, everyday conversations with her peers.

Though interested in all aspects of anti-oppression, the topics which get this girl the most fired up are the representations of consent and rape in popular culture, queer sexual health and resistance against femmephobia in all genders.

When she finally manages to convince herself to take a break, Roxanne enjoys reading young adult fiction, baking cupcakes and watching indie movies. A firm believer in making friends on the Internet, this super chatty, occasionally controversial lady encourages anyone interested in her stuff to add her on Facebook.

List of Works 

Cybersexual Violence Series Part 1: Amanda Todd and Why we Need to Quit Calling it (Cyber)bullying



Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 10.40.24 AMCybersexual Violence Series Part 2: Felicia’s Story – Divergences and Commonalities 


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