The Creative Process

Foundations and Core values of jhr University of Toronto 

Anti-oppressive space 

We will continually work to make this an inclusive space. This means that we will not exclude or degrade another person, in or outside the room, based on the colour or shade of their skin (racism and shadeism), their sex (sexism), their gender expression (transphobia), their sexual orientation (homophobia and biphobia), their physical or mental expression (ableism), their size (sizeism), their class (classism), their personal beliefs (religious or otherwise).

**at any time, please bring our attention to any oppressive system that we have failed to discuss

Various ways of knowing 

We do not believe that there is only one system of knowledge that is valid. There are several ways through which people understand their lives and we wish to bring those different ways of knowing to light.

Critical Awareness

We believe in being aware, but more than that, we believe in a critical awareness. It is not enough to be aware of how mainstream media frames the issue, we hope to provide the U of T community with an information source that troubles surface assumptions. Are there more to the ‘facts’? What is being emphasized in the news and what is hidden? What are the purposes of these moves? Who benefits and who loses? Who controls mass media? Is this truly a progressive stance, or is there hidden subversiveness?


As editors, we are not necessarily here to tell you what to write. We are facilitators of conversation and from time to time, we may challenge you by asking you to write in a different style. From time to time, we may guide you by focusing your topic. With that said, it is up to you to bring ideas to the table. We see this as a wonderful opportunity for you to explore whatever it is that gets you fired up and that which compels you to write. Go with your passion.

The value of the subjective, the personal, and the lived experience 

Though there is a time and a place for the objective ( we will undoubtedly have several conversations about whether objective is possible/under which conditions it can occur), this is a space where we do put value on the subjective. We want you to be courageous and to take a stand for what you believe in. This does not necessarily mean that you have to be binary about a topic, it just means that we want to know what YOU think. Your personal lived experience has immense value here; we want you to draw inspiration from it, to speak to it, to confront it, to use it AS your piece if you so desire. The quotidian (the every day) is what we will deal with the most – it is what will engage people and it is what will connect people.

Continual learning 

Our publication’s goals are to educate the U of T community, to give students and faculty a space to confront their lived experiences of oppression, to start debate, to foster a critical awareness, to make these conversations standard. Yet, we have to remember that though we may believe ourselves to be aware, we are still always learning. We are still always ignorant. This humbleness is essential to the work that we do and without this humbleness, without the propensity to bend, to continually question what we think we know, to apologize when we are wrong, we would be hypocrites.


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